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About Us

Who We Are

Hit the Deck Restoration, Ltd. is a son and father team (mostly son, but often times father as well) located in Denver, Colorado. We are dedicated to a hands-on approach to the building trades. With regards to hands-on,  we are an owner/operator company, so we come out to a look at the proposed work, work up the estimate and then perform the desired work ourselves. This hands-on approach is the genesis of the name of the company, cuts down on miscommunication and inefficiencies, builds confidence and trust, and produces a better finished product.


Between the two of us (Mark and Bill) we have a combined 60+ years of experience, which either makes us very old or very experienced. I prefer the latter. Following trends, booms and busts, employers and the changing demands of the building industry, there is not a great deal we have not done, seen, or some combination of the two. Through it all, we’ve developed a very conscientious and courteous work ethic, an adherence to proper preparation and execution skills and a commitment to treating every job as if it were my/our own. This means assessing jobs on a per-job basis and understanding what does and doesn’t need to be done or is otherwise required.

We’d be happy to come and look at your next project. We thank you for looking at our website.

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