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Hardwood floor deep cleaning and disinfecting


No single portion of your home attracts dirt, debris, and abuse as much as your floors, but are not cleaned as disinfected as often as other surfaces. This is especially important if you have young children who are often in direct contact with your floors.


We offer deep cleaning and disinfecting for your hardwood floors utilizing a combination of a power scrubber that is specifically designed for the deep cleaning of hardwood floors, tile, and other hard floor goods; and a Greenguard certified deep cleaning solution, specially formulated for the cleaning of hardwood floors.  Additionally, we can apply an antibacterial hard surface cleaner with a microfiber pad, to disinfect your floors after the deep cleaning. 


The Process:


1. The floor is first vacuumed using a backpack vacuum with a Hepa filter. This removes most of the loose debris, and dirt. 


2.  After the floor is vacuumed we bring in the power scrubber for the deep cleaning. The power scrubber is an auto scrubber that works by depositing small amounts of cleaner while scrubbing with two counter-rotating brush roller heads, with bristles specially designed to clean but not damage the finish of your hardwood floors. The waste solution is then vacuumed into a separate waste tank. The process is all simultaneous, with the cleaning solution applied from one tank, and the waste product removed to a separate tank. Unlike a mop that reuses and spreads wastewater, the power scrubber removes all the dirt and grim loosened during cleaning. 


3. For corners and areas where the power scrubber cannot reach, a microfiber cleaning pad is used by hand, again with a floor cleaner specifically made for hardwood floors. 


4. Optional: After the deep cleaning has been completed, we offer a final pass by hand using a microfiber cleaning pad and antibacterial hard surface floor cleaner. 



The benefits:

Your hardwood floors will look better, be much cleaner, and the finish will last longer. Aside from the superficial benefits, they will also be healthier for you and your family. The same pollen, dirt, and other allergens that rest in your air ducts, and accumulates as dust on all the surfaces in your house, is not only tracked in on your feet but is then ground into your floors, especially in high traffic areas. To describe it is one thing, but the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes— to see the waste tank emptied after the deep cleaning is all the proof you will need.


Call today to see, and experience the benefits for yourself and your family.  

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